What our wonderful swimmers say

You are definitely the best swim instructor Lily has had, no-one before has ever teached her the mechanics of swimming and so she’s never progressed but we can see lots of progression in her swimming since you’ve been teaching her so thank you!

Greaves Swim School
Lise F

Despite our son only being in Michael’s swim lessons for a relatively short period of time, we have seen a huge improvement in both his water confidence, and his swim skills. Michael is kind and compassionate to such a young group of swimmers, and when watching you can see that he is conscious to give all within the group one-to-one feedback and coaching points. Michael challenges all within his groups by observing their progress and reducing their floats immediately, rather than waiting until the following session, this leads to a visible sense of pride on the little ones faces when they can see their hard work and good listening is rewarded with praise and challenge.

Greaves Swim School
Naomi H

We really appreciate all you have done for Clemmie and Stella the past few months – they have really enjoyed your 11am beginner class on Saturday mornings and grown in confidence each week. You have such a calm and gentle way with the children and encourage them to grow in confidence in the water and bring out their best each week. Bonnie too in the intermediate class has come along in leaps and bounds. We have been very impressed.

Greaves Swim School
Emily H

You have been a fantastic swim teacher to both of my children. Your instructions are always clear and the lessons fun for all abilities and ages. Thank you for providing encouragement and improving their swim techniques which has helped them both develop a love of swimming that I hope they will always have. With your tuition they are both turning into strong and confident swimmers who can’t wait to get in the water.

Greaves Swim School
Clare S

I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. My 7 year old daughter has thrived in her swimming lessons with him achieving her Swim England Stage 7 certification and gone on to Rookie Lifeguarding. Michael works so well with the children and gets the very best out of them whatever their ability.

swimming crash courses
Jo D

In the words of my children “Michael’s the best teacher ever!” They look forward to their lessons every week and the progress they’ve made in a short time is amazing!

swimming crash courses
Meg R

Having searched and searched for swim lessons for my daughter who is 8 and has autism, we were welcomed in by Michael and his formidable team in group and private lessons. Their patience, kindness and enthusiasm to teach is second to none. I am very grateful to have found Michael and his school and my daughter loves the lessons.

Samantha B

You have incredible patience & a great sense of humour that is invaluable teaching kids! Gabe really enjoyed your classes and, despite his inability to listen, really progressed in his ability.

Greaves Swim School
Ceridwen P

Michael is a fantastic swimming instructor.
My 7 year old son struggles with processing information which makes it hard for him to follow instructions but loves water and being in the pool. Michael’s patience and understanding has allowed him to start mastering breast stroke, front crawl and back stroke.

Greaves Swim School
Davina H

Michael is the best swimming teacher we have come across, he is very engaging, fun and encouraging and always makes our son’s lessons a great experience.

Greaves Swim School
Julie R

Michael has been the best re-introduction to swimming for my children, 8 and 5 particularly after moving counties to a new area and with a long break from any access to a pool and lessons. Michael has a great way with the children whether they are confident or slightly nervous in the water and my two always come away having enjoyed their lessons as well as making great and obvious progress. Crash courses evidence how over the course of a week how much progress can be made and how much water confidence can improve. Michael feeds back on progress and celebrates their progress with them whilst managing classes well with multiple children. He is responsive to any queries, responding swiftly and this makes a huge difference with everything to juggle as parents. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for swimming lessons for children.

Greaves Swim School
Bev B

We have seen so much progress in our twin 5 year old daughters’ swimming with Michael as their teacher over the last 18 months. He has the ability to keep the most confident and those who need more support, all engaged at the same time. We are sorry that he is moving from the area, otherwise we would be his first customers with his new swim school!

Greaves Swim School
Mike F

Michael is a brilliant swim instructor and has run the swim school so efficiently since he took the role.
He will always get back to you quickly with any administration queries and things run very smoothly when he is in charge. His swim coaching is the perfect blend of motivating but gentle and my daughter really liked his teaching style. He will be really missed at Westonbirt.

Greaves Swim School
Natalie J

Over the last couple of years of Michael managing the pool and swim classes at Westonbirt, he’s taken the time to get to know us as individuals, both myself as mum and my two children, he’s taught them both at various times, one 3yr old and one 8year old. He’s been great with both, pushing and encouraging where they need it and understanding at other times. My 8year old who Michael has mostly been with, loves her swimming lessons, feels inspired to want to work hard, her swimming has improved amazingly. He makes it fun and inspirational.
I’ve also witnesses that he’s strict when necessary to keep the class on track and keep their attention and respect of what they’re doing. As we all know, children can be good at messing about at times!
I would also like to note that during the very disrupted times over covid, Michael kept us well informed of how and when classes had to stop, when they would resume, where we were at with payments, and how the situation was changing along with rules at the pool.
I would highly recommend Michael as a manager and swim instructor and wish him all the very best in his new venture.

Greaves Swim School
The Pattinson Family

Michael taught my children (age 4 and 6) for private swimming lessons throughout 2019/20. They have both been swimming since they were babies and Micheal has been their favourite teacher so far. My daughter was having a dip in confidence in the water when we first moved the Michael’s class and within 10 minutes in the pool, she had rekindled her love of the water. He strikes a perfect balance of a playful, fun experience balanced with safe, clear, constructive teaching. He has high expectations which the children are really motivated to fulfil. I just wish they’d listen to me as well as they do to Michael!

Greaves Swim School
Louise R

You have a real knack with children and it’s been fabulous to watch you taking Evie from zero to water baby, particularly when she went through a little confidence wobble post-lockdown. We’ll really miss you.


My son Sebastian started swimming lessons with Michael when he was 4 years old. He was confident in the water but unable to swim without armbands. Since swimming with Michael Sebastian has learnt how to swim unaided. He can now easily swim several widths, he’s confident floating on his back, jumping in safely and his technique. He completely shocked me when he managed to swim a length recently (at the age of 5)! Sebastian has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons and crash courses with Michael and I can’t believe how quickly he has progressed with his swimming in such a short space of time.

Greaves Swim School
Sam G

Although you have not taught Amelia, I have observed your teaching style whilst watching her lesson and I have no doubt that your swim school will be a huge success. You have always been extremely organised, helpful and professional to interact with when making enquiries and booking courses. Your teaching style makes the lessons fun whilst also keeping the children focused, and instils the principles of good techniques from the outset. I have no doubt that you have driven the Swimming Academy culture to be what it is and I do hope that they manage to fill your role with someone equally capable!

Greaves Swim School
Alex R

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